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Message from Chairman and Managing Director

Message from Chairman and Managing Director

A very warm greeting to all members, achievers and well wishers of Excellent Group. I welcome you all to our Excellent world.

By the Grace of Almighty Allah we are now progressing in a increasing pace, I am also grateful to those mighty hearts, who always made me stronger and encouraged me throughout this journey.

I had a dream of bringing together E-Commerce Marketing and Traditional Marketing in a singular platform. Because I have always believed that, any new concept or commodity needs proper marketing to reach the people who actually have a need for that.

We know our country is a developing country, still now a large portion of the population is unemployed, it's not that they don't have proper education, it's because of their un-involvedness to the modern technology and concept of business. E-commerce is the proper suggestion for them to get engaged to. My organization is restlessly trying to synchronize the youth and unemployed population to the upgrading trend of business.

Being a patriot it hurts me a lot while I see the sufferings of poor people in my country, due to some most common diseases like Diabetes, Heart problems, Asthma and many other health problems. Therefore my organization has very carefully chosen some food products and health supplements which are recommended worldwide to cure and protect diseases like diabetes, heart disease and other life threatening problems. Now we exploring them through a perfect combination of Traditional and Digital Marketing. It's obvious that if government keep us supporting by ensuring a better business place we can one day take our country to a position of pride. And that one day is not so far!

If I think about business, profit is not the only subject which I think about, my core values are to develop the socio-fnancial condition of mass people. That's why, I have found out a better way how can I move forward along with my country people. And there requires a strong network, thus the demand raises for network marketing.

Some miss conception were always there, due to lack of proper knowledge and business ethics manipulation by some early network marketing organization. But Now, those days are over.

In Excellent world, we never think that selling a product to our clients is our only job, basi-cally its a part of our business, our mission to develop a win-win situation for the both sides. Finally, I must say, it just a beginning still a long way to go, still a big dream to realize.

Come, Join our journey, lets achieve our bright future together. Let's be united to develop our country with good business practices.

May Allah grant us Prosperity.

Take Care.
Anwar Hossain Royal Rana